Photography: Beach Portraits

By Kate Tropp
Feature Editor 

 A beautiful girl stands amidst the crashing waves. The sun is rising and a small flock of birds are dancing in its rays. With a "click," the moment is captured forever. 

Beach Portrait

This is similar to the experience five girls from Lebanon County had when they traveled with R.A. Howard Photography to Dewey Beach, Delaware for a unique photo session. The trek to Dewey Beach was a two-day opportunity for the girls to get unique senior portraits or add to their collection of photos. The girls got up very early on Saturday and Sunday morning to catch the sunlight at its finest. "It was a lot of fun and the pictures were worth the trip to the beach," remarked Cedar Crest senior Christine Collier.

Howard Studios offers this opportunity to any interested participants for a nominal session fee. Packages of photographs are available from the beach session alone or in conjunction with studio graduation portrait plans. The studio usually plans the trip to take place in late August or early September and the fee for the session includes an overnight stay at a location in or around the Dewey Beach, South Bethany areas of Delaware. Anyone interested in participating in this program should contact the studio for additional information. There are only a limited number of spots each year and the reservations fill quickly. R. A. Howard Photography is the official photographer for The Cornwall-Lebanon, Annville-Cleona and Lebanon School Districts. The studio’s innovative approach to graduation portraits has created a strong demand for their services among Lebanon County high school seniors. 

NOTE: The above article was reproduced in part from an October 28, 1998 article which appeared in "The Talon," the official newspaper of Cedar Crest High School. The article has been edited for content.