Photography: Children's Portraits

A Portrait of Innocence

You wish they would stay this way forever. But time has other plans. 

A professional portrait stops time...just for a moment...capturing the miracle of your children. So that for years to come, you can enjoy images of a time that seems like only yesterday. Your children's portraits will be beautiful works of art that add special warmth and charm to your home. We'll be happy to help with the finishing touches, too. Like the right sizes and frames for the locations you have in mind. Call us for an appointment today. 


Our experience in photographing children has taught us how to use mood, setting, lighting and fun to capture their unique personalities on film. Under the skillful direction of Master Photographer, Robert A. Howard, we will transform precious moments into lasting memories. Begin your experience today by calling our studio to arrange for a complimentary interview and planning session. Our experienced staff will help guide you through the process of creating a "Portrait of Innocence" of your child. Remember, they change fast at this age and it's easy to let time slip away. Don't delay, call us today.

A professional photographer makes the difference between a picture and a portrait. Pictures only reflect what the camera sees, while your portraits interpret your personality and moods. That's because experience gives a professional photographer a sixth sense about people. We know how to put you at ease, how to quickly "read" your unique personality, and how to recognize the expressions that best communicate the real you... capturing it all beautifully on film. Anybody can take a picture. A professional creates a portrait.