Lectures / Classes / Workshops

Good P.R. Is Good Business

This program is designed to provide an in-depth look into the importance of the public's perception of your small business image. Available as a two, four or six-hour lecture or an eight hour workshop, this program has received rave reviews from attendees in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Ohio. The program was also well received by recent Winona students. The program discusses more than a dozen ways to evaluate and improve your public image as well as providing students the outlines to several proven public relations programs. Through dynamic presentation, marketing and management theories become easy to understand and enjoyable to learn. Any single idea presented in this program can easily improve your bottom line.

Senior Warfare

This program takes an unusual approach to succeeding in graduation "Senior" portrait photography. Powerful marketing strategies and high impact promotions are discussed in depth during this four-hour lecture. Students will be shown all aspects of a marketing plan that has allowed the speaker to succeed in a highly competitive tri-county area. The lecture portion can be enhanced with a unique "down and dirty" posing demonstration that highlights simple poses that sell. Unlike the traditional "Senior" programs currently on the circuit, students will be pleasantly surprised at the realistic approach to overcoming many of the problems facing the graduation photography marketplace. The program was recently described as, "entertaining, yet enlightening" by a student in Delaware. A "Highlights" version of this program is available for early bird and roundtable discussions.

Profit Builders

Sometimes little things can make a big difference. This program outlines several proven profit enhancers that can be used by any studio to increase its bottom line. Designed as a two-hour workshop, students will receive a concentrated dose of unique, yet easily implemented ideas. This program includes sample pieces of many of the products discussed. Instructor provided materials enable students to take these new ideas back to their studios for immediate use. "The best two hours I've spent in years," was the comment of a recent student at the Pennsylvania Convention.

Print Competition from A to Z

A no-nonsense discussion about the basic aspects of print competition. Theories are presented from the viewpoint of a seasoned competitor and print judge. This program is designed to help those who have not yet taken the plunge get wet from head to toe. Topics discussed include the theory of the dirty dozen, understanding the judging process, print presentation and preparation as well as selecting the correct images to enter. A recently well attended Winona Super Monday; this program ran more than three hours overtime at the request of the students.