Photography: Senior Portraits


By now, you have probably received several mailings from different photography studios all

wanting you to choose them as your high school senior portrait photographer. You have probably seen the discount session fees and free wallet specials that everyone offers. All of those things are good, but keep one important fact in mind – It’s not a great deal if you don’t get great pictures!


Like everything else that we purchase, bargains are only a bargain if the product that you receive is actually worth purchasing. Cheap items are still cheap! Ever wonder why so many photographers have to give FREE sessions to get you to purchase their work? At Howard Studios, creating the highest quality, most creative senior photography is our number one priority. In addition to his many degrees, Robert Howard has trained with some of the finest photographic instructors from around the world to provide a level of craftsmanship that is second to none.


When it comes to photographing high school seniors, Mr. Howard has what it takes. For the past twenty years, he has created award winning images of graduates from more than a dozen states. He is considered by his peers to be a leader in the industry and has created images for more than twenty thousand high school seniors throughout his career. He is certified by the Professional Photographers of America and holds the combined degrees of MASTER-CRAFTSMAN. Ask any of those other studios if they can match these accomplishments.


The point is simple – at Howard Studios we are confident that you will love your portraits. We want you to have fun and express yourself in each image. Bring along anything you want to make your photos more personal and not just like everyone else’s. You have many choices when it involves selecting a studio to create your senior portraits. Don’t just consider the specials or the bottom line when making that choice. Remember, these are the most important photos that you have ever had taken of you. Make the right choice for you – Don’t be a copy when you can be an original!