Senior Pricing / Options

Portrait Studies



  • Approximately 30 min.
  • Five to eight head and shoulder studio poses



  • 8-12 originals previews
  • Approximately 30 min.
  • Several head and shoulder and a few ¾ length informal studio poses.

Custom $50


  • 12-20 originals previews
  • Approximately 1 hour.
  • Several head and shoulder and a few informal studio poses. One change of clothing is included.

Deluxe Contemporary


  • 30-40 originals previews
  • approximately 2 hrs.
  • A variety of studio poses.
  • Three changes of clothing are included.



30 x 40:  $900

24 x 30:  $775

20 x 24:  $395

16 x 20:  $240

11 x 14:  $145


8x10: $60

2nd 8x10 of same pose $ 40.00

5x7: $45

Two 5x7 of same pose $60.00

4x5: $30

Four 4x5 of the same $60.00


(prices apply to quantities from one pose and have to be ordered in addition to a package or large portrait.)

15: $ 45

45: $ 80

30: $ 65

100: $ 110


On Location $95.00 

8 to 15 additional poses

Approximately 1 ½ hours

A variety of poses captured outdoors or on location away from the studio. Use one of many nearby scenic locations or we will travel to your choice within 15 mile radius of our studio. (With car, horses, motorcycle, etc.) Includes 1 or 2 outfits.

High Key Set $35.00 

6 to 10 additional poses

Approximately 30 minutes

The unique look of an “all white “ set, white clothing photographs best, but solid colors can add unique contrast.

Gothic Garden Set $35.00

A unique look suitable for both male and female subjects; this set combines a scenic painted background with a tile-like floor and lifelike props finished in stucco or stone. This set works with gowns, outdoor clothing and various gothic and Victorian "looks."

Creative Designs and After Effects

Howard Studios offers dozens of unique and creative after effects such as composites, tints, posterizations, graphics, faded colors and high contrast black & white filtering. These services may be added to any image at the time you place your order. Additional fees apply to each image.

Package Specials

All Prices Quoted

Prices shown are based on all photographs being from one or more poses as indicated in the package description. If other poses are desired, add $15 for set-up and artwork on each additional pose selected. In addition to this fee, there is a charge of $6 for each additional person in a photograph. This also pertains to individual prints.

Purchasing Originals 

Please note that a minimum order of $100 is required before originals may be purchased. Previews may be purchased for $10 each.

12 originals with leatherette Folio $150 (a savings of $30!)

8 originals with leatherette Folio $100 (a savings of $25!)

DVD with the entire original images for only $79

The Graduate

You Pay Only$1050A $1215 Value!

  • Includes DVD of all the images & printing from up to 3 poses
  • One Custom 24 x 30 Portrait
  • Three 8 x 10 Portraits
  • Six 5 x 7 Portraits
  • 84 Wallets

The Scholar

You Pay Only$750A $818 Value!

  • Includes printing from up to 3 poses
  • One Custom 20 x 24 Portrait
  • Four 8 x 10 Portraits
  • Four 5 x 7 Portraits
  • 78 Wallets

The Varsity

You Pay Only$275A $320 Value!

  • Includes printing from up to 2 poses
  • Two 8 x 10 Portraits
  • Four 5 x 7 Portraits
  • 30 Wallets

The JV

You Pay Only$95A $ 135 Value!

  • Includes printing from 1 pose
  • One 8 x 10 Portraits
  • Two 5 x 7 Portraits

R. Howard Signature Series

The Howard Studio is proud to offer this innovative approach to purchasing quality portraiture. Our signature line of portraits provides an all-inclusive way to acquire fine photography.

These four plans combine our most popular sessions with value based multi-unit packages. Add to this, a convenient, three-part payment plan and you have the best quality at affordable prices.

Here is how it works. First, you select the plan that best fits your needs. When you arrive for your session, ⅓ of your total fee is due. Several weeks later, when you select your final images, another ⅓ of your plan is due. Approximately six to eight weeks later your finished portraits arrive and your ⅓ balance is paid upon delivery. Simple!

Package A

3 payments of only$360

  • A personalized portrait session with up to 3 clothing changes.
  • Indoor and on-location (if you desire)
  • All the original previews from your portrait session.
  • One 20 x 24 Custom Finished Portrait
  • Four 8x10
  • Six 5x7
  • Eighty wallets
  • Up to 4 poses included
  • (A $ 1440 Value!) You pay only $1080

Package C

3 payments of only$170

  • A personalized portrait session with up to 2 clothing changes.
  • Indoor and cityscapes (if you desire)
  • All the original previews from your portrait session.
  • Three 8x10
  • Five 5x7
  • Forty Five Wallets
  • Up to 3 poses included
  • (A $ 680 Value!) You pay only $510

Package D

3 payments of only$132

  • A personalized portrait session with up to 1 clothing changes.
  • Indoor and cityscapes (if you desire)
  • All the original previews from your portrait session.
  • Two 8x10
  • Four 5x7
  • Thirty Wallets
  • Up to 2 poses included
  • (A $ 528 Value!) You pay only $396

Suggestions & Tips


Light, bright colors tend to make you slightly heavier. Cool, deep colors tend to make you look more slender. Medium dark tones of blue, tan, brown, rust and purple are colors that are good for photography. Select a color that you know looks good on you.

Patterned clothing, such as plaids, stripes, or bold patterns tend to distract from you as the subject being photographed. Solid will photographed the best. However, a softly patterned scarf can enhance a portrait.

Try to avoid oddly cut neck lines. The “V” neckline tends to slenderize your appearance, where as a rounded neckline will round-out your face. A major factor in elegant portraiture is long sleeved clothing. Long sleeves tend to slenderize you as well as keep you from looking “cut off” and awkward.

Try to avoid material that wrinkles easily. Also be aware that lightweight fabric will sometimes reveal shoulder pads, etc under photographic lighting.


Please pay special attention to your hair. Your hair is your responsibility and you will not like your portraits if you do not like your hair.


Some glasses, due to the curvature and thickness, cannot be photographed without glare. We recommend that you borrow a pair of empty frames from your optometrist to eliminate the problem. Tinted glasses, or those lenses that change wit the light, will make your eyes appear dark on your photographs.

Informal Portraits

These portraits reflect the real you. So dress casually, in a sport outfit, in your favorite hat, with your pet, etc. The possibilities in this type of photographs are unlimited.

The Difference is Guaranteed

We want you to be completely satisfied with your portraits. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your previews, we will photograph a few more to your liking at NO EXTRA CHARGE. These FREE images must be taken in the same clothing with the same hairstyle. If you wish to make changes, standard session fees will apply to the retakes. We also guarantee the quality of your finished portraits as well.


When scheduling your appointment keep these facts in mind. Howard Studios is a "full-time" commercial business.  As such some dates may be filled weeks in advance. When you make an appointment, you make a commitment to be present at the time and date we provide for you. To avoid being assessed a rescheduling fee, 24 hour notice is required to postpone. When booking our "Deluxe Contemporary" and "On Location" sessions, pre-payment is required. A credit card will be kept on file to guarantee your date and time. An appointment that is not cancelled with a 24 hour notice will be billed to your credit card for the agreed amount. 

Method of payment

A NON REFUNDABLE security deposit of $100.00 is required to take your previews out of the studio for viewing.  Previews must be viewed within ten days of notification. You may keep your previews for up to ten days, at which time you must make an appointment to place your order. Previews not returned within ten days will be considered sold and charged to your account and added to your finished portrait order. Please remember to add PA State Sales Tax of 6% to your total order. Unless special arrangements are made, one half of your total balance is due when you place your order. Any remaining balance is due upon notification of the completion of your order. All deposits are credited toward your order. We accept Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover as well as most ATM Debit cards.

Completed orders

Once your order is ready, you will be notified by phone and/or mail. You must pick up your order and pay any outstanding balance within 5 days of notification. Orders not picked up in 5 days will incur additional fees and charges. A fee of 15% of the total balance due will be added to any orders not picked up within a five day period. An additional fee of $15 per month will be added to all merchandise held over 30 days.

ALL PHOTOGRAPHS & PORTRAIT ORIGINALS are COPYRIGHTED By R.A. HOWARD/THE UHLER STUDIO. Federal law prohibits copying. We prosecute offenders. Don’t take a costly chance.